Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God is Good

It's amazing how God provides encouragement at just the right times and in just the right ways. Today, for no particular reason I was looking through some of Layne's old postings on his blog, when I stumbled upon a post entitled "God's Grace is Sufficient For Me." The post was inspired by my Grandma Dyer. I don't know how I missed it when he posted it, but this time it hit me right where it counts.

Now, without Layne's permission, here is the post:

Recently a lot of things have been going on, and it has all come together quickly. On Thursday, a good friend of mine called to inform me that his grandmother passed away. His grandmother, whom I knew and met was a wonderful person. When he and I were in elementary, occasionally we would go to her home and eat lunch. I also knew her from church. anyway. Lately I have been struggling with unemployment, Christmas, and all those wonderful things about new homes and things to do around the house. Not that we NEED to fix or replace anything, we WANT to. We want to put in a sliding glass door for example. Needless to say, these things take money. At the funeral on Sat. near the end, a remark was made about a comment Grandma used to say. That comment was simply: God's grace is sufficient for me. So this morning (Sunday) as I was preparing for church, my mind was filled with things I would like to get done around the house. After each one I reminded myself, God's grace is sufficient for me. At service, our pastor spoke on humility. That we are to be like Christ, who "stepped down" from being omni-present so that He could be human and save the lives of those whom He cared for. He came to serve and die for us, so that we may experience eternal life with Him.
I guess this really just hit home to me because in life, we want to become recognized, important, and excel in our careers. We want promotions and advancements and recognition for what we do and have done to better our own lives. While this isn't all wrong, its not why we are here. We are here to serve. We are in the service of Christ, and need to serve Him and His purpose, not our own. Now that's not to say promotions are bad, however its better to be satisfied with a smaller paycheck that allows for family time and acts of servitude, than to be rich and not have time for the real reason we are here.

As for me and my home, we will serve the Lord, because God's grace is sufficient for me.

Thank you Layne for the kind words about my Grandmother. Thank you God for the encouragement. Thank you God for people Like Layne, my Grandma and countless others to keep me going.

Questions? Comments?