Monday, May 21, 2007

God's Word is Enough for Me

When did the word of God stop being enough? Why do we insist on minimizing the sovereignty and holiness of God? The following is an excerpt from

“I only recently heard this story, and I find it utterly disgusting. This church in Melbourne , Florida , in an attempt to attract “seekers” resorted to give communion dressed as clowns. A world full of people that want nothing to do with the blood that was shed on a wooden cross to pay the price for their sins and save them from the judgment to come will only come to church if the service is being conducted by clowns. This is what the body of Christ has come to? I am sorry, but if people don’t want to come to church to worship the Lord, I don’t want them there. “

The church has been on a steady track towards being “seeker sensitive” for some time now. That is, doing more and more to attract unsaved people to the church. For some churches it is the “Best Sex Ever” series. For other churches it is the Harley Davidson themed bathroom. I personally have always been under the impression that church service was a place for believers to gather together in Christian fellowship, worship the Lord our God and be edified through solid teaching by a solid student of the bible. Is that wrong?

There always has been and always will be a place for outreach and evangelism in the church, but it is not the church service itself. We wonder why Christians are becoming weaker in their faith. We wonder why our country’s moral values are going down the tubes. Maybe part of it is the fact that so many churches have abandoned the teaching of the word of God for the sake of entertaining “seekers.”

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