Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A question and a Hint at how I am voting

Who should I be more concerned about as I approach the polls this November? The countless Americans who live below the poverty line or the millions of unborn human lives who are murdered every year?

I would not dare to write to you that I don't care about the sick and the impoverished. However, I believe that Jesus teaches us that we as Christians need to care for them and lift them up again. Not only can we do just that, but it is perfectly legal and even smiled upon to do so. The church has a job to take care of them.

As for the millions of Babies who are aborted every decade, the church is powerless to stop it. At this point, only the government can stop it.

The fact is that people are telling me that I need to vote for the one who will try to right the injustices in this country. Well, in my mind, there is no greater injustice than killing a literally innocent life. That is the number one issue for me. That is the absolute first thing that I will consider when I vote in two months.

Your thoughts?