Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of Those Days...

Yesterday was one of those days. I haven't been feeling well lately and it seemed to peak yesterday. I overslept, (woke up to one of my employees calling, wondering where I'm at.) I rushed out of bed, skipped my shower, put on the wrong shoes, (I prefer to wear steal toes around the warehouse,) and stumbled out the door into the snow.

I got in my car and turned the key..... nothing. My always reliable 95 Cutlass was dead. (MikeT, go ahead and get your "I told you so" in now.) I called my Lead Driver to inform him that his fearless leader was running even further behind and proceeded to try to diagnose the problem with the car. After apparently failing to figure it out, I gave up and drove the "Grocery Getter" to work, with the plan of using my lunch break to go home, pick up the five year old and take her to school.

Here is the problem: When I finally got to work and things started to slow down, I found myself whining at God. "Why do you let all these terrible things happen to me?" "I try to do a good job at work. Why would you let me oversleep." It's funny how people tend to blame God wen things go wrong. But it's not the blaming God that really bothers me about my demeanor yesterday;

When I went home to pick up the kid, I tried the car that had been sitting on a charger all morning. It started. I had a wonderful drive to school where my oldest daughter impressed me with her knowledge of the first five Presidents of the United States of America. Everything went fine at work, a friend who I haven't spoken to in ages called me and we caught up. All and all, It turned out to be a wonderful day. However, after all the whining I presented to God that morning, when my day was going terrible, I failed to thank God when my day ended up great.

It's the classic "God in a Box" scenario. I pulled God out of the box when things were going bad and tucked him back away when they turned around. I suspect this is a trap we all fall into occasionally, but the question is, how do we stop?