Thursday, January 10, 2008

Forgive the Political Theme Lately

For anyone who happens to be interested, I've decided to throw my support to Ron Paul.

For me, this is not about who is the most electable, or who has the support of the Evangelical Church. You could make those arguments about Mit Romney, Mike Huckabee or even John McCain. It wasn't about who could make me laugh, or who I'd like to have dinner with. That vote would probably have to go to Fred Thompson. For me, it's about two things; my values and my candidates record.

The values that I hold steadfast to are as follows;
1. I'm strictly Pro-life
2. I'm for Religious Freedom
3. I'm against higher taxes and for a smaller government.
4. I believe that we have to secure our borders now and not grant amnesty to illegal aliens.
5. I believe that a marriage is strictly between a man and a woman.
6. Most importantly, I believe in the Constitution and the vision that our founding fathers had for our great nation.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that not only lines up with these views, but also has the voting record to prove it. So, after the dust has settled, I'm left here with nothing more to do than to add this to my blog:

Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America