Monday, January 14, 2008

The Truth of the Bible

John MacArthur on the truth of the Bible;

You cannot prove to someone that the Bible is truth. You cannot prove it to them. But, you can sure make a good argument. I believe the Bible is true because I believe it is true. You cannot prove that it is true. That is a matter of faith. That is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit convincing the heart. But, I think you can sure pile up a lot of evidence.

There are five lines of evidence that the Bible is true:

1) Human Testimony. One of the reasons it is true is because, look around you, see whose lives it has changed. It is pretty hard to argue isn’t it?

2) What about Jesus Christ? Never a person like Him. How do you explain Him? Men didn't invent Him. Why would men invent a perfect man who condemned all the rest of them. Men do not write books like that. They write books about imperfect people they can identify with.

3) Science and Archeology. How are you going to explain the fact that the Bible is verified fact archeologically and scientifically? It says in the Bible, "He hangs the earth on nothing." That is the oldest book in the Bible. How did Job know that, when nobody else discovered it for centuries?

4) The Miracles of the Bible.

5) The Prophecies. You got hundreds and hundreds of prophecies predicting something that was going to happen, and it happened exactly as the Bible said. Who knows that, but God?

Do you agree with Pastor MacArthur? What else might you add to this list?