Thursday, January 10, 2008

God Told Him to Kill Her (and Cook Her?)

A Texas man is suspected of Killing his Ex-wife and cooking her body parts. He also apparently stabbed her new boyfriend. Thedisturbing part; he claims that God told him to do it.

"Authorities said McCuin's comments in a 911 call that alerted them to the hideous discovery led them to believe he may have intended to eat his girlfriend's remains, but said it is unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of her body."

"When he said God told him to do it, one of the investigators looked at him and just said, 'What did you say?'"

Read the full story here.

Of course, our natural instinct is to say that God did not tell this man to kill, fillet and boil his ex-wife. This was not a revelation from God, given especially to Christopher Lee McCuin. Why then, are people so quick to accept the Mormons revelations from God? The Catholics? The Jehovah's Witnesses? The Pentecostals?