Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Saved, What Now?

After a recent post about evangelism, Roland posed this question;

Now I've got a question. I've seen the [Way of the Master] stuff before. I notice their dislike of certain people's approaches to ministry. And their way isn't my preferred method, but it does have its merits.

If someone actually professes a trust in Christ, what is the next step?

From the Way of the Master Website:
Once you have repented of all sin (see Psalm 51, 1John 1:9), don't doubt God's promises. Doubt produces fear. It is also a great insult to God--if I don't trust you, it means I think you are a liar.Here's a recipe for success:
-Read your Bible every day . . . without fail. Every day. Value the Word more important than your food (see Psalm One).
-Obey what you read.
-Develop a tender conscience.
-Never doubt any of God's promises.
-Obey the Great Commission by sharing your faith (see John 14:21).

The one thing they left out of their FAQ section, is to spend time time in prayer every single day. In addition, I also often hear Todd Friel suggest that a new believer gets a good study Bible. (He suggests a MacArthur Study Bible. As do I.) He also suggests finding a good bible believing church with a pastor who is an expositor of the word of God, (not just a huckster.)

I personally believe that the most important suggestion given here is to stay in the word of God every single day. I believe that a Christian is always either growing closer to God, or further away from God. The best way to grow closer to God is to get to know him better. The best way to get to know him better is by studying his progressive revelation of himself. That is the Bible. The perfect word of God.